The 365 Commitment

Anything is Everything

What if you could perform any task in front of you at any given moment with the same energy, enthusiasm, and excitement? Meaning you treated everything in your life as fully worthy of the full focus and attention of your maximum effort. In essence, it would not matter too much what you were doing because anything you do would be treated like everything.

Seems like an impossible ambition, but certainly would help you to cherish every moment and really focus you on picking only the most appropriate of endeavors. Afterall, how could you waste time when you treat all time invested as precious?

Here is a test. Pick the next thing you are going to do, preferably an activity that will last longer then an hour. Now, regardless of what it is, pour your whole soul into it. Treat it like the most important thing that you ever will do. When you are done, think about how much better the experience was, because, I guarantee that it will be.

Guy Reams

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