The 365 Commitment

Force the Present

Find a really cold lake or other pool of water and jump into it. That single act will immediately force you into the present moment. The shock of the temperature change hitting every skin cell receptor in your body will bring your attention to the hear and now.

Being present is a really important concept behind mental and spiritual strength. So how do you get there? You force it.

Left to your own devices you will be dwelling in the past or considering the future. You will be looking to get this or that over with. You will be watching the clock, biding your time, being distracted in general. You will not be in the present moment, you will not be able to live life to the fullest because you will not be active. You will be passive, disengaged, and distracted.

So you need to do things that force you to deal with what is going on in front of you right now. Live the life in front of you instead of what was or what could. Things that are physically challenging, mentally stimulating or deliberately calming can absolutely encourage being in the present.

You cannot ignore this, because if you do, life will be short, and you will gain little meaning. This is something you have to force youself to do.

Guy Reams

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