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So I am pretty much nuts. I cannot leave well enough alone. I have to push the envelope. Why cannot I just be content with normal, plodding along, everything fine? Why do I have to upset the apple cart every time? Who knows, but I am at it again. I have become relatively stable in my personal health and fitness program. I eat bad sometimes, but I run quite a bit. I have maintained the same weight level now for well over 300 days. I get down and discouraged as normal, but I bounce back quickly. I feel generally good about things but all the same I am restless. It is as if I enjoy chaos and confusion. Was I just meant to be a war all the time? My Viking roots will just not calm down. Valhalla I am coming!

One thing that is perplexing me is how much I want to grow as a person. How much I want to learn. There are so many things out there. Anyway, I have come up with seven topics that I am going to dive into with in my next 1000 days. My plan is to spend 1 hour per topic per day and then 15 minutes documenting what I learned. This way I will have spent at least 150 hours per topic. Now, 150 hours is nothing. It takes 5000 hours to become competent at anything. However, 150 hours seems like a decent primer. It will also give me just enough to satisfy my desire to know more about a given topic. So in 1000 days, if I keep it up, I will have a decent amount of knowledge in seven topics. I plan to create a format for sharing what I learn along the way. Who knows what format that will take!

I have named each of the seven after a day of the week, to keep myself straight. Here is my plan. Do not judge me on my topics, this is my brain, not yours!

Sunday – Spirituality: Although I have a decent knowledge of some spiritual things, there is one thing that I have not done. I want to really dive into a particular reading and understand it really well. I do not know what that is going to be yet, but I will figure that out soon.

Monday – Memorization: During my 1st 1000 days I did a ton of memorization. I created a 100 room mind map. I memorized the first 400 digits of PI and various other useless things. I want to see if I can improve my memorization skills and actually make them useful. I plan to spend an hour on Mondays working on that.

Tuesday – Technology: Lets face it, I always have some technical topic that I need to know better. I rarely spend dedicated time reading or focusing on a topic. I am going to pick a technical topic and spend 1 hour a week on it.

Wednesday – Writing: I want to become a better writer. Need to focus time on learning how.

Thursday – Tolkien Day: I am an avid reader of science and fantasy fiction. I think I am going to spend some time really diving into a famous piece of fiction writing and grab nuggets of wisdom and knowledge from them. I have several candidates. This will be a fun hour for me.

Friday – Fischer Day: I love playing chess. I want to really study the game in a different light. So I plan to catalog what I can learn from Bobby Fischer’s games of chess. Lots of books written on this topic. So this will be an easy one to do, but hard to gain ground on.

Saturday – Speaking:  A passion of mine from childhood was learning to speak in front of large audiences. I was mesmerized by political conventions, for example. I figure I could spend an hour focused on honing this craft. Plus it is Saturday, I should spend an hour on what I like the most right?

There you go. I am spending the next 10 days ironing out my next 1000 day plan.

Guy Reams

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