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Are You Mad?

Here is a thought that came to me while reading a book earlier this morning. If everyone around you is mad and angry and you are the only one happy, are you then mad?

What is madness anyway? When you see someone doing something strange, you whisper under your breath as you walk away, that person must be mad. We are fascinated, enthralled even by the mad people around us. They get all the attention it seems. This drives an important thought, are the mad people actually brilliant?

Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, everything I listen to these days I hear the name Trump in derision or praise. I went to my accountants office today and while waiting I overheard him telling a client over the phone, do not worry you will not be hit by AMT this year, because of the Trump tax cuts. You could hear the client praising Trump and hoping for his re-election so that he would not qualify for AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax). When I walked out of the building, I heard someone in their car listening to a broadcast where the commentator was yelling about what a clown Trump was, and discussing how ludicrous it was that he was even still in office. The stop sign coming out of the office, someone had written in Sharpie under the word STOP, TRUMP. In a sense of irony, on the back side of that stop sign was a bumper sticker attached that said, Keep American Great – TRUMP. I think the worldwide consensus is that TRUMP is mad. Interesting, he is probably at this point the most well known celebrity on the planet. Is he completely mad or brilliant. Not sure.

I am NOT making a Trump to Jesus comparison here. Please do not make that connection, but you have to think back on the tremendously successful ministry of Jesus. Whether you believe in this was a divine ministry or not, I think you have to recognize that his short 3 years in public ministry was the most influential of any person ever. However, he most certainly was mad. I am not saying Jesus was crazy, but many if not most of the people of his time thought he was mad. I am the son of man, the messiah, the great I AM. Can you imagine what people would think of a person talking like that today? He would be dismissed as a complete lunatic for preaching the Sermon on the Mount. You think people hate Trump, just tell them to stop their favorite sins, and forgive their enemies and give their riches to the poor – then you will see real hate!

Think of all the mad people that have on this planet. Muhammad, Newton, Gandhi, Buddha, Einstein. All considered radicals, crazy, different, disruptors, recluse, or whatever else. So madness is really just being different, or perhaps irreverent. So here is my new question, do you really want to be anything other than mad? I choose madness.

Guy Reams

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