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Where did that come from?

Next time that you have an impulse to do something, no matter how trivial, stop take a deep breath close your eyes and ask yourself where that thought or idea to do that is coming from? Do you know? Next time you have a negative feeling or thought, stop and ask yourself where did that thought come from? Why am I thinking about that? Really take a pause to consider that impulse carefully.

You can still think the thought or act on the impulse, feel free but stop and consider it for a moment before acting. Do you REALLY know where these ideas / thoughts / desires are coming from? I tried it today just for fun. There are many times I will do something or act a certain way with very little consideration of why. This is autopilot mode.

When you are in autopilot mode you are acting without thinking. You are driven by impulse and that is not very good. This is why you do not remember long periods of time in your life, because you were on autopilot. Does life seem to go really fast? Well stop spending so much damn time in autopilot mode. What you really want is to live life with purpose and on purpose and in the driver seat. Active.

When you are active, engaged and purposeful life is infinitely better, more rewarding, and less stressful. When you are are in autopilot mode things pile up and get worse for you. Stress compounds. Things get ignored. Friendships and relationship crumble. So consider carefully what you are doing and why at all time and reduce the times you are in autopilot mode.

Guy Reams

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