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Break the Mold

The statement that people make to me that drives me the most crazy starts with, “they way it is supposed to work…”

I have discovered that most people, including myself, who say this from time to time absolutely have no idea how IT is supposed to work, whatever IT is. They just use this phrase to make themselves sound more credible. Somehow by starting my statement, the way this is supposed to work is going to convince people to accept my viewpoint. I would like to state something very clearly and unequivocally. There is no “supposed to”. There is no perfect mold for your scenario. If there was a perfect mold for our scenario then computer scientists and engineers would have already figured out how to automate what you are doing and you would be completely obsolete. That is what happens to everything that follows a predictable and repeatable pattern. So when you say it is supposed to be a certain way, what you are really saying is that you do not want to do this any more and that you would prefer that a machine do the work.

Seriously, if Einstein could basically destroy the foundations upon which Newtonian physics are based on, then there is no mold for whatever you are working on!! So stop expecting there to be a mold! In fact if someone says there is a mold for what you are doing then you have only two real choices. 1. Accept the mold and decide very quickly to move on to something else because that job task is going to be quickly commoditized. 2. Break the mold! Quickly! The faster you customize, confuse, disorient and obfuscate the process the more likely it is you will succeed!

I am human. I will never accept that I should fit anyone’s mold. I am unique. I am individual. How dare you tell me how something is supposed to work!!

Break the Mold!

Guy Ream

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