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Everyday is Not True

I remember a leader that I admired told me that you should wake up everyday and look in the mirror and tell yourself that whatever you believed yesterday is no longer true this morning. I never understood what he meant. I just nodded my head like it was a great and wise statement. However, years later it dawned on me. Overtime we take things for granted and therefore become luke warm. When we first started believing in something we were scalding hot, but over time it fades until you become closer to “room temperature.”

Take a marriage for instance. When you first go married things were awesome, you were a true believer in this new relationship. You invested time into the relationship everyday with great energy and enthusiasm. You had no reason to think there would ever be problems, you just woke up everyday excited and happy about your new life together. However, over time, you started taking this for granted and slowly your enthusiasm becomes luke warm. The concept of waking up and convincing yourself that everyday what you believed is no longer true, means that everyday you need to setout to prove that it is. So in the marriage instance, you would wake up and decide that you were going to do something to establish that this marriage is worth it, that it is still a great thing for both of you. It is the concept that everyday, you need to fight for what you believe in and not take it for granted.

Even a fitness program suffers from the same problem. When you first start and get into a habit, the results are awesome. You are excited and on fire. However, over time, you get casual with it. You miss a day here and there. You do not put in the extra effort. You just do enough to say that you did it. You are no longer a true believer. Everyday when you wake up, you take your fitness level for granted and consequently are not really out to prove anything. If you woke up in the mirror and told yourself that your fitness program was not true anymore, that what you are doing was not quite working, then you would correct it, you would make it better.

This leader that I admired was talking about faith in a religious sense. Everyday you need to tell yourself that what you thought you believed is no longer true. The reason he said this is because it is the hope that something is true that fuels faith. When you lose that hope, either by disbelief or by just complacency, you are effectively destroying the lifeblood of faith. You see faith in something required action. This concept of starting each day with a new purpose to test that faith, fills your tank with hope that you can make a difference today and once again reaffirm you beliefs.

So everyday is not true.

Guy Reams

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