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Coordination of Effort

We always like to say “I need to focus.” We correctly assume that focus will bring better results, perhaps that is true, but why?

In physics, there is a phenomena that occurs when rays of light, heat, or other radiation are reflected or refracted. They all tend to meet at the same point, and when they do, they are said to be “in focus”. The best way to consider this is to think of a reflecting telescope. When light reflects off a slightly concave mirror, the light reflects to a certain point which then can be reflected again into an eyepiece. This allows you to then magnify that light with an optical lens. The focus point of the light is then the critical spot on which to place our magnification. So if the laws of physics work to allow us to gain clarity and insight into distance telestial objects, can the same principle apply in our own lives, perhaps our financial lives?

You may think that the world is chaos. You may think that all people are bouncing around, working on their self interests and colliding with each other on occasion and sometimes forced into association by circumstance. However, in reality, humans, just like ants and other universal beings are following a pattern and if you start to understand that pattern you become more aligned to the universal laws by which we are all bound. if you believe in God, or even if you do not, then you must accept that there are laws of the universe by which all entities no matter how small or complex are bound. I have yet to see any evidence to the contrary. The debate over the existence of a divine creator has little consequence to the intelligence and elements that are under the influence of laws by which they are bound. Even when we raise our fist in defiance and stake a claim that we are independent and free, we are acting in a way that is predictable. A pattern that is repeated. Depressing?

No, not at all, not if you start to understand how certain people have understood this or have tapped into it somehow and have learned that coordination of effort can bring focus to a given point and if you are at that particular point with the tools to harness that energy then you will be successful, or whatever success means. This probably happens by accident, being in the right place at the right time, but more often than not you are a recipient of focus by having real intent. This requires coordination of effort. In the game of chess, what separates a good player from someone just knowing how to play, is their ability to effectively coordinate pieces. When you pieces are coordinated, you have an intense amount of power. Same in our lives. When all of our individual efforts, and the efforts of our allies, friends, and teammates are aligned then we become powerful as well. We just say that happen in the U.S. Presidential election. Regardless of result, both sides had an incredible display of coordinated effort to produce the results that they did.

So start to coordinate effort, so that you can discover where to put your focus.

Guy Reams

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