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On Gardening

There is a mentality with cultivation that is worth consideration. A person who grows plants, fruits, and vegetables understands the value of careful, concentrated, and meticulous effort over a long period of time. This is opposed to the rushing, unplanned and chaotic approach that is so common to the successful. Which approach, however, produces the best outcome?

The answer is dependent on the mode of growth. I would argue that organic growth is best suited by the mind of the cultivator. Growth by acquisition is best by the mind aligned with a chaotic, opportunistic, higher risk ideal. Both of these are good, both are required. However, the greatest, long lasting, even beautiful result comes from the cultivator.

There are some prudent life lessons to be learned by the cultivation required to successfully raise a garden. Patience, careful consideration, yet a need to be always following the plan, everyday, little by little. A weed pulled here, a bug pinched there, a sapling trimmed. A daily check, no abrupt changes. Leaving things alone when the right conditions are met. Maintenance, care, temperance and balance.

Now this may feel like a consideration for a business discussion. The concept of organic and inorganic growth, but I am really intending this as a personal development idea. The meticulous pruning that a gardener makes of what lies before them. The careful decision of when not to do anything. Creating a climate for growth and then leaving well enough alone. Carefully making sure the ingredients are in place and having the patience to watch the initial sprout of an effort become a stalk, then grow stems.

In our rush to have success, our short term inorganic approach to life leaves us constantly worried, wanting, and anxious. Perhaps we should take a moment and think of what we want our garden to look like in the distant future and set into motion the acts of cultivation required to get there?

Guy Reams

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