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In honor of one of the new subscribers to the blog, I decided to put some thought into an idea that she gave me today! The concept to ponder is to consider yourself in a different motif, then what you typically might. Doing this mental exercise can help alter your outlook on what you are trying to accomplish in your personal objectives. Many of us build a personal image of ourselves, and we reinforce, and even defend that image by our actions and associations. This is part of being human, it starts very early on and builds over time. We begin to establish that view very concretely in our minds. Call it our ego, or sense of self, if you would like. However, think about this concept. You are human, which puts at your disposal the ability to do something that no other species can. You can suspend reality, or your artificial impression of yourself, and view yourself from a level of abstraction.
Freud talked a lot about this as well as many other behavior scientists since that time, they do not agree btw, however, the ability to have this abstract concept of what we are not, or what we want to become, or how we compare to another is probably one of the most powerful things the human conscious mind can do. This can be a powerful way to self improvement, but also has dangers. There is a reason that religions have come up with basic rules around this. Thou shalt not covet for example is basically the idea that it is not a good idea to create this abstract view of yourself and compare yourself against another person and then start to yearn for, desire, and act upon the need to displace the others’ status with your own. However, I want to focus on the positive aspect, the ability for you to think abstractly about yourself, and to view yourself in a different way.
A while ago, I wrote about the idea of Self as Machine Motif. This concept is the ability to view yourself as a machine with independent operating parts that are working together to produce the results that you are getting. Are you unhappy with the machine’s outcome? Well take a dispassionate look at the parts. Which part is failing and causing a backlog? What improvements would you make on that part if you were the supervisor in charge of that part of the assembly line? That is the machine motif. However, today, I uncovered a new motif!
Self as Product. What if you viewed yourself as a product? Would you buy it? Well, take a step back. Who is the customer? That is the first rule of marketing, right? If you want to sell a product you have to determine who the customer is first. Lets say you are a sales person and you want clients to buy from you. STOP focusing on WHAT you sell, but rather focus on you as the product. Are you worth buying? Do you provide value? Will the customer trade their budget dollars for the value that the perceive in you? This really changes the perspective of the sales person, I am sure. What if you are trying to find a new love interest? How does the self as product motif change they way you view yourself? What about improving your relationship with your daughter? Dad, are you a good product that your daughter would buy? Does she get any value out of the relationship with you? Ouch, tough question! What about a new job, a new opportunity in your current job. Are you a product that is worth investing in?

Guy Reams

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