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Dunbar’s Number

An anthropologist named Robert Dunbar proposed in a ground breaking proposal that the brain size of a primate is directly correlated with the average social group size. He proposed that humans can comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships. Historical research seemed to confirm this fact, as most successful long term village sizes would be less than 150. A large number has benefits, in terms of safety, productivity but a larger number has negative consequences. This seems to be our natural limit to tribe size and this seems to be built into our primal instincts.

This research has led to many theories on marketing, group sizes, and business organizations. There are lots of contributions to this theory now and know when really agrees on the number, but they all generally support that there is a natural limitation in our capacity to associate with people. No more than 150 people. Interesting.

Here is a challenge to consider, how many people are in your current tribe?

I think you will find the result interesting. I want through my list of people that I am in contact on a regular basis, and guess what? Not more than 150! Now I know a lot more than that, I am connected to many, but part of my tribe so to speak?

Interesting. I will let you draw your own conclusions on what to do with this little tidbit!

Guy Reams

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