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I have a new trick that I have been working on. I am visualizing a path that I need to follow, want to follow. This could be for something simple, like a vacation, or more complex like the plan for my life in the next 5 years. Anyway, what I am doing is searching for pictures that represent the place, person, idea, or concept in my future plan. I think print all those pictures, and put them in a small book. I think carefully flip through the pictures creating a few mental images in my mind and in the correct order.

With that established, I think sit quietly and close my eyes. I then go on my journey. I walk my self through each step in the process. Each place that I am going to visit, each person I will see or talk to. I will go through in my minds eye each of these journey stages using my memory of those pictures that I printed as visual queues. This creates a very interesting perception and understanding in my mind and really relaxes me.

I tried it really quickly for just the day before me. I tried to visualize my day before it started. I walked through each image, and contemplated the way I wanted it to be or how I thought it would be. Of Course it did not turn out all the way that I saw in the vision, but a lot of it did. I also had no question as to what I was supposed to focus on next. I also know when the journey will be complete and I can shut down for the day.

Guy Reams

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