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Worth Your Time

Have you ever stopped to consider how much your time is worth? I mean you can do the basic math. Lets say that you earn in compensation 100,000 per year. If you consider the basic 2080 work hours in a year, then an hour of your time is worth roughly $48. Conversely, if you made 500,000 per year then your hour would be worth $240 per hour. If you made 50,000 per year, than the hour would be worth $24 to you. So as you sit and invest time in your daily work activity have that thought in your mind. This activity I am spending is worth $X dollars to me. Now, if you work 60 hours a week, then the valuation changes. Conversely, if you work 20 hours per week then the value of those hours increase.

However, should the time you spend be all about your compensation from work? Maybe, maybe not. It does give a good test however. At then end of the day, you receive remuneration as a barter for the time you spend engaging in activity. You may want to consider this thought. How much do I want an hour of my time to be worth? Lets say, in my minds eye that I believe that my 40 hours per week, 2080 hours per year is worth 1M dollars. That means if I had a 100,000 job, then I should only be willing to put in 208 hours in trade? That really does give perspective. You think you are worth 1M annually, but who ever is employing you thinks that you are worth only 100K. The amount of time you are willing to commit for that dollar is different than your employer. This is an interesting consideration, and maybe an opportunity for some humility or a realization that you view your value differently than others.

This may also help you with what your are spending your time on. Are you focusing your time on areas well spent? If you believe your time is worth $200 per hour, are you spending your time accordingly? Was that Netflix streaming show last night, giving you back $200 in value!!? When you spend time on something, with something, or for someone are you providing $200 in value and/or are you getting $200 back in value?

Interesting way to view your time commitments. Look through your schedule, would you change anything with this perspective?

Guy Reams

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