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Articulate the Want

It occurred to me this morning that if a deity that was capable of granting me what I wanted were to suddenly appear before me ready to grant my desire, I really could not articulate that on the spot. Now I could think about it for a while, but what being of magnificent power would have the patience to wait around while I came up with what boon I wanted them to grant?

Now this sounds ridiculous, right? Well, is it? Let us imagine for just a minute that instead of some being of divine power came into your life, it was a super wealthy person. A person that had money to invest in just the right idea. Would you be ready to articulate what is was you wanted investment for in a clear and succinct manner? What if you had a chance encounter in an elevator with that person and you had precisely 30 seconds to articulate your vision, would you be ready? It occurred to me this morning, that I could not answer that question either.

That made me really start to go down the list. If I had a chance encounter with an executive at a really cool company, and they asked me, if I had you work for me, what would you want to do? Could I answer that question? In fact, what if the company I worked for now suddenly said, You know, Guy, we are tired of all your complaining we are just going to let you do what you want. Just tell us what it is you want to do and we will do it. Would I be able to answer that question? Probably not.

This made me realize a very critical fact. I really am unable to articulate what I want. I have a vague idea, sure. I have some grand goals, sure. I even have a notion of what that would be, but do I really know what it is I want to be doing, and why? The funny thing is, if some Jin popped out of a bottle and granted me my heart’s desire, I might ask for something and realize too late that I never really did want to do that in the first place! Wouldn’t that be ironic. You think you are miserable, and a wish gets granted and poof you get it. Then you realize that you were really happier with the previous situation!

Something tells me that those that are able to articulate clearly what they want, get what they want. Have you ever noticed a sales person that you thought was extremely annoying, because they were very specific with their ask? Was not good for you, but then you scratch your head as they have a ton of success. That is because, people that articulate clarity in their ambition are much more likely to get their ambition.

Guy Reams

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