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Prune to Grow

There is quite the art form around pruning and caring for rose bushes. In fact, Rose Bushes probably would not survive in the wild in their current state. If the did survive, they would have a much different look then they do in a modern garden. However a rose bush has a very symbiotic relationship with the cultivator much like we do with our own selves. Our active conscious mind can act as the cultivator to the wild side of our primal natures.

Using this analogy, the rose bush is a perfect illustration to the core parts of our humanity that drive our impulses, survival instinct and other parts that are innately part of ourselves. They can be fierce, ugly, and yet, at times incredibly beautiful. Left unchecked, this part of our selves will become wild, congested, spread out to far, prone to disease and will not produce any beautiful flowers just ugly little buds that do not amount to anything. In much the same way that a rose bush behaves when left alone, so does our base instincts, and as a result the parts of our brain tied to them like our egos.

A rose bush must be tamed, and pruned on a regular basis. You must cut the rose bush back, which in practice, improved the health of the plant, prevents disease, and encourages beautiful blossoms. By cleaning the branches, trimming the plant back, you open up more air movement preventing disease, mildew, rot or other ailments caused by too much congestion. With this regular clean up, the plant can breath, growth healthy and strong and focus all it’s energy on growing strong branches and maximize the nutrition flow which ultimately produces the beauty for which they are famous.

Just as a rose bush respond very strongly to pruning, so do humans. Consider this as you look at what is ahead of you in your life. Consider cleaning some stuff out, cutting back and giving your primal core room to grow and flourish.

Guy Reams

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