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Pulling a Thread

You know the experience. You see a thread that is slightly loose. So you start pulling on it and next thing you know you have created a thread run in the piece of fabric and you are upset with yourself. You should have left that alone and just cut the loose thread and left the fabric intact. Pulling on a thread has become a phrase we use in life to indicate following a path to a conclusion. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, I believe it is a necessary thing.

In life you will come across open threads from time to time. They pop up and remind you that they are there now and then. Do you follow them? What if you did follow one of those threads as a project one day? Instead of doing whatever meaningless activity that you had planned, what if you chased that thread for a while and see where it led? What would you discover? What interesting fact would you uncover? What life lesson was to be learned that you had been ignoring?

Pulling on loose threads is a part of discovery in life that makes it exciting. Sometimes you need to go on a tangent for a while, investigate, discover new people, new ideas. I started pulling on a thread this morning. We will see where it takes me!

Guy Reams

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