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The Evening Routine

I have done a pretty good job of maintaining and building a morning routine. Most of my habits are done early in the morning. I have one habit it in the evening and that is to review my commitment list for the day and check off how I did. However, I am realizing that a powerful evening routine is just as important as a morning routine, perhaps even more so.

I think reviewing how I did today and contemplating praying for areas on how I can improve is a really good habit to have. However, I have come up today with some new evening routines that I plan to build into my normal habit regimen.

Let me pause here and talk about an abstract notion. What if instead of trying to improve your entire life, you just improved your mornings? You can eat like crap, do stupid stuff all day, forget to exercise, and have your mind in the gutter during the day, but what if you just worked on the morning! So you get your morning dialed in. You eat a good healthy breakfast, you exercise, you plan your day, read something spiritually uplifting, think and plan for how you can help another person. What if your morning was awesome. Then even though the day and evening were a waste of time, you would still have that morning. Now add evening. What if your morning and evening were awesome? You would drink enough water in the morning and evening, you would eat healthy, morning and evening. Instead of plan for the day, you would prepare for tomorrow. Get some exercise in. Now you are eating 2 healthy meals, exercising twice per day and planning and preparing for the day. Now, hold on to your hat. What if you had a great lunch time routine!??

So I have been going about it all wrong. I had a great morning routine and I keep jacking with it. Trying to add more in, trying to tweak it to be better. Well instead, I will keep the morning routine intact and I will create an evening routine!

Guy Reams

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