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Climb a Mountain

There is just something special about mountains. For thousands of years mountains have symbolized spiritual elevation, and have been the focus on many cultures. They take pilgrimages to climb the mountain and somehow transcend their day to day problems and get closer to God.

In general, the mountain is something that shows consistency, firmness, always present. Similar to they way most cultures view deity, they also view the mountain that is close to them. Mountains provide a still environs and certainly impact the climate in the areas that the mountain shields from weather phenomena. The shadow of the mountain can cast one people into a direction, yet the gentle slopes of the other side can impact another set of people completely differently.

Regardless, mountains are special. There is something powerful about them and that is why we find ourselves drawn to them. Like floating in the pacific ocean, we seem to draw from the deep roots the mountain has in the earth and by so doing become grounded ourselves.

If you have not done so recently, perhaps you should add to your agenda this weekend to climb a mountain.

Guy Reams

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Kathy Donnel-Meister
Kathy Donnel-Meister
3 years ago

Excellent advice!

3 years ago

In it something is. I thank for the help in this question, now I will not commit such error.

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