The 365 Commitment

Nightly Prep

So I am working on a new habit of nightly prep. Basically, I make sure that everything is ready to go for the next day. Food, clothes, and other important items. Amazing how much that helps me stay focused during the day on my commitments. I just do not think we realize what a distraction or how much time and energy we spend on things like that. When you put it all together in one quick effort, you get it done faster, more efficiently and you are less prone to deviate from plan when you are prepared.

Because of this effort, I am eating better, drinking more fluids, exercising more and feeling less stress in my morning routine because all the basics have been taken care of already. If at the end of the day, when I am tired and ready to quit, I spend my time doing meaningless tasks like ironing a shirt or chopping vegetables then I am more likely to spend my time during the day doing important tasks.

Guy Reams

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