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Determination Defeats Destiny

I think the worst thing that I heard growing up was, “you are destined for greatness.” I vaguely remember having this notion. I heard it a lot. I think my teachers growing up were impressed with my reading level or something similar and they would say, you have a great destiny. Sounded well and good, but now that I look back and realize what life is really like – destiny had absolutely nothing to do with it.

In fact destiny is probably no greater than a false hope given to people to placate them. What really counts is good old fashioned determination. It is determination and not destiny that makes the real difference in your life. I will take the weaker, less charismatic person full of determination over that of the person supposedly destined for greatness every time. I have known many people that seemed to have a destiny throughout my life. Usually the get so hung up on what they are supposed to be that the forget the main ingredient – hard work.

I have noticed social media postings seems to be celebrating the instant success, the discovery of some great talent. What a complete fabrication, and a tremendous lie. There just is no such thing as born talent. There may be an aptitude, absolutely, or perhaps an interest but never native born talent. Even Mozart had to practice everyday. The child prodigy was not born able to compose masterful music. He spent HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of learning, playing, practicing, experimenting with music. A consistent straight forward determination to achieve a goal is always the path.

That does not mean that you cannot find success along the way. I believe that success is what you accidently bump into on a determined path to your dreams.

Guy Reams

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