The 365 Commitment

Day 1247 – Last of Book

Today is 1247 of keeping my daily journal and writing a blog entry. Today is special because I have completed another notebook. I now have a shelf of them started. Everyday is listed the most important things for me to accomplish that day. So I finished another notebook. Starting tomorrow, I am using special notebooks, ones that I pick up at Gift Shops from exotic places. My new notebook is made from Elephant Poo and I found it in a gift shop on a vacation a few years ago. It will now mark my next journey of daily commitment entries.

So, yes, I am effectively writing down everyday the most important things to do in my life on paper extracted from Elephant Dung. Some thing seems oddly ironic about that. Regardless, today is still 1247, and I have to go get some things done now.

Guy Reams (1247)


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2 years ago


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