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Graduation Day

Well the day has finally come where I get to see my first born graduate from high school. Does that mean that I am officially old now? Does that mean that I am officially a grown up now? Does that mean that he is officially a grown up now? Who knows, but nonetheless it is an exciting and emotional time for all of us. I am actually rather speechless and having hard time putting into writing the thoughts and concerns floating around in my head. Mostly I am tired because we have been busy running around and preparing for a party this weekend and all of those things!

Mostly, I am proud. I feel like mom and I at least got something right. Despite our many failures and regrets I think we somehow helped produce a decent young man who is quite ready to take on the world. Although there are many things that I am sure I wish I could have taught him to do better, for the most part, I think he has the big things down right. Who cares if you still need to learn to balance a checkbook when you are the only young man that remembers to open the door for a woman as you walk out of a restaurant. He is kind, caring, and seems to have a determination to be one of the good guys in life, and that is something I think we can be proud of.

Of course we could philosophically argue that we had little to do with that, perhaps he was born with that personality. However, I think the reality is both. We taught, he listened. It was a two way street. We have a young man in our house now. Someone we are quite comfortable with and at times challenged by engaging and meaningful conversation. He actually cares to spend time talking to us and other adults and he is not naïve in his belief system either. He has a competent, mature, and well read background to justify the conclusions that he reaches.

I could say many great things about his mother, who absolutely insisted on encouraging a love of reading. She also has been quite stubborn about making sure he is level headed. Although I will constantly push the dream big motif, she is always bringing us down to reality and making sure we have a healthy dose of of humility in our grandiose visions. End result we have a passionate young man, who cares deeply about his place in the world, has a level of compassion that exceeds most people that I know and has a respect for the important and valuable things in life. Yeah he may not have his driver’s license yet and perhaps I could have taught him to play baseball, but honestly, I think I would much rather take the man that he has become over any of that.

Also, I must realize that our job is not done yet. He has a whole life to live. He has a whole string of firsts that he has yet to experience. I have a feeling mom and dad’s teaching days are not over.

Guy Reams

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Diana Linzey
2 years ago

Sounds like you’ve instilled a sound foundation for him and all your children. I was the youngest of three and may have garnered the benefits of my parents learning from their mistakes (there really are none) with my two older brothers. My favorite thing in my later life was my father calling me to say ‘I’m just calling to tell you how to run your life again.’ This statement was always followed by laughter. He would provide me with his sage advise and give me the option to take it or leave it. I will be eternally grateful for his advise, and I appreciate that it came with the option for me to weigh the information for myself. I still wish I would hear those words on the other end of the phone again.

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