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Remember the Cold?

So taking a drive with the family today. Summer is starting to kick in, starting to get hot every where. Controlled burns along Southern California freeways. A sea of red lights, even on a Sunday. I have a sniffle going on, a little sore throat. What? A Cold? What is that?

Yeah, we are hyped up on the Covid Virus, but here to remind me on my nice day off with the family is the good ol fashioned common cold. It is like inviting a long ago friend over for dinner after not seeing him for a long time. A little awkward at first, not knowing what to do, or how to start. However, it is all coming back to me. Pounding vitamin C, carrying Kleenex around, getting sleezered on NyQuil every night. Ah…Bliss. Just like the nice days before the pre-pandemic.

Seems kind of weird, but I am actually enjoying the common cold for some reason. Is that strange? Is this a sign that life is finally back to normal? Embracing the common cold making life a nuisance just like I like it. Looking back at this blog over the last 2000 days, I cannot find another instance where I got a cold. I guess that was a good run!

Guy Reams

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