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Blind Spots are Blind

So the problem with blind spots is that we cannot see them because they are blind spots! I have heard several people from time to time on business calls claim that they are looking at their blind spot. “We have a blind spot here…” How can someone possibly know that they have a blindspot and even speak to it? Someone uses this as a tactic to sound credible, is what it is. I want to explore this blind spot that I perceive. Makes it sound like you are some sage and wise person that has this super human ability to see their own blind spots.

Well, this is a harsh realization, especially for me. I am unable to see a blind spot and they only one that can really tell me what my blind spot is, is someone other than myself! That means that I need to actually ask for, listen to and take action on advice given to me from another person. Gulp! Can you imagine!? It is just ridiculous for me, or anyone else to pretend that they can actually 1. Know they even have a blind spot. 2. Have the ability to actually identify it clearly and 3. Observe it with enough detail to know how to fix it. None of these three things are possible with something you cannot perceive in the first place.

However, this is a very difficult inquiry. Do you think I am suffering from a blind spot? Can you describe what you think that blind spot is and why? That can be one of the most difficult questions to ask someone, but really important!

Guy Reams

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