The 365 Commitment

Eat Run

I cannot figure out which of these are more important. Seems that they are entirely tied together, like inseparable. Maybe that is my biggest challenge? I need to learn to treat the two with equal importance! Maybe I will put sleep in there. Eat. Run. Sleep. I mean there are other things that are important, sure. That is all the stuff that I fit in between. Perhaps I will write it like this. Eat — Run — Sleep. There the — is the family time, work time and other things I get to do. However, it seems that Eat — Run — Sleep are the three things that I need to get right, if I do not, then everything falls rapidly apart. As soon as one of those goes wrong I do not get to the — very well. So if the — is important to me I better get the Eat, Run, Sleep right.

Guy Reams

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