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Sacrifice Precedes Benefit

There some universal laws that apply to us, just as concrete as any law of physics. When we drop an object, we expect that object to fall towards the earth. Einstein blew our collective minds when he tried to explain that these laws were universal, but relative. When you drop an object outside of the Earth’s orbital plane, it will not just fall. However, outside of some scientific revolution, there is one law us humans must abide. Sacrifice precedes benefit.

If there is some boon from heaven that you want? Is there some reward you are seeking from your employer? Do you seek favor from a goddess? No matter what your quest, you will not receive any just reward without a willing sacrifice.

This is probably the greatest lesson taught by every major religion. The greatest moral in all the great works, and the conclusion we reach at the end of any good movie. We must be willing to put something on the line, in order to achieve more, grow more and ascend to greater heights.

Risk brings reward. Growth requires investment. This principle of sacrifice is made manifest in every discipline. It is a law irrevocable. If you want to gain you must give.

If there is some ambition that you seek to achieve, some height for which you would like to climb then the answer is to identify the reasonable sacrifice. What precious thing do you hold to unnecessarily? What sin do you secretly still commit? The worthy sacrifice is always the elephant in your closet. The thing that you instantly go to in your mind, but then quickly reject as to hard to give up. That is the worthy sacrifice. Give that up, whatever it maybe, and then you will find freedom and with that freedom you will have the time and energy to pursue your lofty pursuit.

Sacrifices are not easy. If they are they are not worthy of your great goal. For every resistance, there is an equal and opposite force to overcome that resistance. That force is your willingness and ability to make a worthy sacrifice. So if your goal is great, the sacrifice is great. The real question is, how bad do you want it? Bad enough to make the required sacrifice? I thought so.

Guy Reams

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