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The Holy Place

I am convinced that part of a healthy, thriving lifestyle is to have a holy place that you visit frequently. This is the place where you pray more fervently, make commitments with earnest and work out the issues that haunt you. Without this holy place we find it difficult to differentiate the day to day from moments that are significant or special.

When you live in an area with mountains, trails or neighboring wilderness this is probably easier. When you live in a more urban environment this will be more difficult. It seems every house that I have lived in, I have found such a place. You can find them, you just have to be willing to wander a bit.

I took my daughter to a holy place that I visited frequently when I was her age. That was an interesting experience for me. Sharing my holy place, but it was nice and brought to my memory feelings of my youth.

Yesterday, I ran a different path and came across a park with a beautiful view and a nice set of benches to sit and think. I sat and pondered a few things. A bird visited me, then a squirrel, and soon I was all alone listening quietly as my turbulent thoughts slowly quieted down.

Guy Reams

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