The 365 Commitment

Day 199 – Write It Down

In early 2018, I started a process to make and keep life-changing commitments by coming up with something new that I would commit to for 365 days in a row. I have repeated this 365-day process several times in a row. Tomorrow will mark 200 days since I started my last commitment. This article is part of a three-part series on the three most important things I have learned about making and keeping life-changing commitments.

The first principle of the commitment process is that writing it down is the cornerstone of any serious commitment. I always thought this was trivial, but I have learned that articulating the commitment with clear and precise language is the cornerstone on which all commitments are built.

Clear Intent Becomes Documented

When you make a commitment, there should be a clear intent behind the action. This intent should be written down and formulated precisely. It should define what commitment is going to be made, why, for how long, and what the intended benefit will derive from keeping the commitment. This should accompany some pomp and circumstance or at least some formality that represents the start of your purpose. In my case, I set this in stone with a meaningful and heartfelt prayer.

Journaling Can Force A Commitment to be Top of Mind

Maintaining a daily journal not only serves as a continual reminder of the commitments made but also fortifies them by embedding them deeper into one’s daily consciousness. Every entry acts as a moment of reflection—a time to reassess and reaffirm the goals and the reasons behind them. This act of daily writing doesn’t just preserve the original intent but breathes life into it, allowing for adjustments and reaffirmations that keep the commitment alive and relevant. As I pen down my thoughts each day, the commitment is revitalized, making each day not just a repeat but a renewal. This ritualistic recounting becomes a sacred space for growth and insight, underpinning the importance of the written word in sustaining life-changing resolutions.

Documenting a Commitment with Measurable and Obtaininable Language

Clear and well-articulated commitments that are measurable stand as the bedrock of success in any transformative endeavor. Such commitments, defined by specific, achievable, and quantifiable objectives, enable individuals to track progress in a structured manner. This clarity and precision in goal-setting facilitate the alignment of daily actions with long-term aspirations, making the journey towards achievement visible and tangible. Moreover, measurable commitments provide a clear benchmark against which to evaluate progress, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivating continued effort. By establishing detailed criteria for success, one can not only gauge where they are but also adjust their strategies effectively, ensuring that each step taken is a calculated move towards fulfilling their commitment. This structured approach demystifies the process of change and empowers individuals to seize control over their personal and professional growth.

As we conclude this first installment of the series, it is clear that the process of making and keeping life-changing commitments is not just about setting goals but about creating a structured, articulate framework that supports sustained personal growth. The principles of writing down your commitments, maintaining a daily journal, and setting measurable goals are not merely procedural steps; they are transformative tools that imbue your journey with clarity, purpose, and accountability. Embracing these practices can lead to profound insights and significant achievements, as evidenced by my own ongoing 365-day challenges. In committing to this disciplined approach, we not only pledge to reach a destination but also engage deeply with the journey itself, marking each day with purpose and each step with progress. As we look forward to the next parts of this series, let us carry forward the lessons learned and continue to cultivate habits that promote lasting change.

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