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Plateau Jumping

The thing is that we jump from plateau to plateau on any successful journey. No climb up is a long continuous uphill. You do not gain progress with each and every step. There are some ups and downs, but for the most part there are a whole bunch of long plateaus. Long stretches of just flat. It is these that cause the trouble. At least when you are going uphill, you know you are getting somewhere. It is the long boring plateaus that really test your resolve. It is on the plateau that you find many of a wannabe that lie in the ashes of the dried up hopes and dreams. When you finally get to the end of a plateau is when you might that climb up. This is usually an exciting time because you know you are finally making progress again. You are eager to get to the hard part, and it usually is hard. However, you generally can handle that, what most of us cannot handle is the long, very long stretch of no progress.

Just remember this, success is about your ability to sustain the plateau, not necessarily demonstrate your prowness in short eager climbs.

Guy Reams

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