The 365 Commitment


That is my age in hours. Soon to be 431,257. That is how many hours that I have experienced while conscious and on my own since the time of my birth. I was contemplating this concept in mourning a family member passing this week. An hour is a block of time in which you can actually achieve something. An hour is enough time to commit something of significance. You can start amazing projects in an hour. You can begin new things, resurrect old things and create memories that you will cherish forever. An hour can be used to uplift another, help someone in need, and provide encouragement to the despondent. An hour. You have probably had quite a few of them, and you probably have many more to come.

Now some hours slip past us without so much as a thought. We sleep through them, we watch a entertainment program, we might waste it away on a frivolous activity. However think of your most productive hours. A wedding can happen in an hour. A baby can be born in an hour (or two, or eight). A funeral can happen in an hour too. You can change your life’s direction in an hour, and you can make big mistakes in an hour as well. Hours are ours to do with what we will. Where have we spent our hours and where will we spend the rest of them?

Hours are perchance the currency of our souls. The only real currency that we can spend. We will accept money to give someone our hours, and we can invest our hours toward our future by learning or improving in some way. The key consideration is that every day we roughly have 16 of them to deal with (depending on how long you sleep). 16 hours a day, everyday, to use however you will. Do the hours count? Do you use them wisely?

Guy Reams


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