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The Greatest Weapon

The greatest weapon in your fight against almost any enemy is to do nothing. Surprising? Think it through for a few minutes. Most people take action with little or no intended purpose. They bounce around a bit aimless in their designs, every once and a while setting a goal. However, for the most part they start each day with very little resembling a concrete plan. Chances are your worst enemies are in that position, not because of anything they have deliberately intended but rather they crossed a path that you were heading and have blocked you purely by happenstance. The more you DO SOMETHING the more you actually give them an excuse to act with purpose.

This is a very interesting concept. You accidently run into someone that is opposing you, not because they necessarily wanted to oppose you, but because whatever course they were on, just so happened to be at odds with your intended path. Here is the think to recognize. If you wait for just a little while, you will probably no longer be in conflict with that person. Chances are, they will just continue on their merry way bumping a long some loose path in life and they will move on and no longer be conflicting with you at all.

When you start to take action against them, you give that person something to focus on. They are no longer just accidently going through their path, they now have a force to deal with! You! By giving them resistance, you suddenly gave them a focus point by which to channel their energy. Little did you know that your action against them is what caused them to spend so much energy to oppose you.

This is why you need to seriously consider the concept of doing nothing at all. Doing nothing is most likely the best weapon at your disposal. If doing nothing gets you the result you want, which is to continue your chosen path, then by all means choose nothing. It is like this. You are like a ray of light travelling through the universe. True, there are some free objects floating randomly in space that you might come into contact with, perchance you will come across some large object with a ton of mass and it will cause you to deviate your path a bit. However for the most part your life is much like this. Mostly empty space. People live their lives in such chaos you are travelling for the most part uninterrupted. That is if you have an actual purpose. If you do not have a purpose then you are like any other molecule, bumping, colliding and running into things all the time.

Guy Reams

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