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Fighting Fatigue

Have you felt tired consecutively for more than 2 – 3 days? That is called fatigue. Do you want to fix that? Would you like to NOT have fatigue?

Well, here is something to noodle on. Fatigue is your body’s best warning sign that your current life style is not working out for you. Your current lifestyle is perfectly designed to get to your current state of fatigue. So what do you do?

The best thing you can do is make a lifestyle change. The top most productive life style that you can change to reduce fatigue is 1. Improve Sleep and 2. Improve Eating Habits. These are the two greatest causal factors. If your lifestyle is leading you down a path where you eat bad and sleep bad then you are going to have fatigue. Change the lifestyle that is causing this to happen and you will not have fatigue symptoms any longer.

Now how to do that? I don’t know. I am too fatigued to even think about that right now.

Guy Reams

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