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Intelligence is Deliberate

I think there is a false assumption in evolutionary science. The concept that things evolve to be better naturally. This has not been my experience. I think more often than not, things evolve to be worse then better. The fact that things evolve to be better, is not just a natural thing, it is caused because there is intelligence behind it. The more intelligent and purposeful we are in our intent, the better we evolve. This concept that nature does this by itself is just bogus, true an evolutionary process exists, but it is intelligent and purposeful intent that leap frogs a species into the next major evolutionary outcome.

However, my blog post is not intended to debate the esoteric concept of intelligent design, but is to highlight that a truth about our lives is that the more purposeful we are, the better the outcome. If we bounce around life like a pinball in gaming machine, then we will not only get chaotic results but we will just end up in full tilt. The only real path to success is intelligent, purposeful intent. Now I would argue that any dedicated intent will produce better results than nothing, but the next consideration is that your intent is good. However, putting aside the gradients of how “good” your intent is, it is important to consider that you are only really making an intelligent decision when you are being deliberate about it.

Guy Reams

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