The 365 Commitment

Be Still

Here is a challenge that I doubt you will do, but give it a shot if you dare. Sit somewhere, preferably outside although it does not have to be. Then for at least an hour sit and study something. Focus on only that thing for a long period of time. It can and should be something very ordinary. A weed, an ant hill, the grain on piece of wood. Most any object will do, preferably something natural.

After you are done, reflect on what you saw. This is called being still. If you have ever heard someone say that you need to be still, then this act will teach you what that really means. The chaos of the world can spin all around you, yet there you are in that peaceful stillness of an hour you can stare at a lonely pinecone at rest on the ground  at your feet.

Give it a shot, reflect on how you feel afterwards.

Guy Reams

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