The 365 Commitment

The Cost of Doing Good

Have you ever contemplated the cost of doing good? Doing good absolutely has a price, and I wonder if we really have considered just how steep that price tag can really be. Sometimes doing good is really obvious. For example to give of your own substance without expectation of return, has a definite price to it. You are giving up money, time or other resources by doing the act of good rather than using it for something selfish. Doing good may have other costs as well. Sometime by trying to do good, keep a commitment, fulfill an oath, there will be consequences. Consequence always delivers a price and it is in this arena that we humans fail frequently. Giving up stuff we can master over time, but a willingness to barter the price of consequence, that is a whole other matter indeed.

Just a consideration as you contemplate what you can do good today! I imagine the higher the price you have to pay as a consequence the better the act of goodness is.

Guy Reams

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