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The Greatest Currency

With all the fanfare around bitcoin, dogecoin, tether, shiba, feg, safemoon and all the many other of crypto currencies we sometimes wonder what is the best form of currency? I was speaking with a young man who was fascinated with stocks, crypto, and a variety of other currencies. Where should I make my investments was his question?

My question back was what do you have to invest with?

Some may have money, or USD to invest with but I know one thing this young man had to invest with. That one thing is something we all have right here and right now and that is our time. Our time is our greatest currency. You may actual say it is our only real currency that we as humans have. When we trade currency we are actually  trading on the perceived value of something. How do you value your time? Do you squander it away on the meaningless and unimportant?

Spending time is your greatest method of transferring value. Spend wisely!

Guy Reams

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