The 365 Commitment

4 Days – No Phone

I dare, no in fact I double dare you. Do not use your mobile phone for 4 days in a row. Most people are taking thanksgiving holiday off, so this is a good time to take the challenge. Set your phone up on a charging cradle in a room, like your desk and leave it there for 4 days. If you need to check your voicemail, or look at text messages, force yourself to leave it at this location and not carry it with you. Do you really need to be accessible all the time? Do you really need to check, recheck, and check your email again and again? Do you really need to read the news every 5 minutes? Do you really need your phone at all? Sure there are some nice features that you will miss, but it is only 4 days.

I wonder how you will feel after 4 days of just not checking that damn thing all the time?


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