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Say Something or Be Nothing

Language precedes thought. Have you ever considered the point at which you became a living and thinking and conscious soul? Was it before, during, or after your birth? You cannot remember, you do not remember because you did not have language. You may have had thoughts impulses and the beginning of brain development, but conscious, living, rationality? Now a few religions teach that you were a entity prior to birth that had some capability of rational thought, but even if that is true this entity being manifest in a physical host does not start to display this rationality and decision making ability until language is introduced. So language, as it were, is pretty important. I daresay language may have been the spark that created our own intelligence, human consciousness itself l and maybe even God. Perhaps Supreme Intelligence is actually the mastery of language. I just gained a bunch of English teachers as blog followers!

So that consideration leads me to the concept that saying something, speaking or writing language is the ultimate way in which we express and even develop ourselves and our own intelligence. So if you say nothing, you become nothing.

This is even more important when you are faced with being asked to condone or accept things that you do not agree with. Worse is to do nothing and say nothing when you are asked to support, endorse and enforce principles that you do not agree with. To deny this is to deny self and we like to refer to this concept as “soul sucking.” We should, and can take a stand on principles that are non negotiable. That is the right thing to do, the brave thing to do

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