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Zsa Zsa and the Nine

Zsa Zsa Gabor, the famous actress died at the age of 99, widowing her ninth husband, Prinz (not royalty) Frederick. She started as a beauty pagent winner, crowned Miss Hungary. She had to leave in 1941 because of the Nazi invasion and came to the U.S. She had a life on the Silver Screen and a complicated and tumultuous personal life.

At the end, her ashes flew first class back to her homeland in 2016. She said she was a great housekeeper, because after she left her husband, she would keep the house. However, for the most part she found men over bearing and she valued her freedom too much. She often would say, men do not pick me, I pick them.

Her life is the lives of many people. She spent time in jail and in the limelight and everything in between. I saw and ad today that showed a clip from one of her movies and I reflected on the amazing lives we all lead. I recalled reading about Mary Magdalene, one of the first followers of Jesus, who was rumored to be married to seven different men. It is said that Jesus cast out seven devils from her mind, and I wonder if that was actually the regret of the seven failed marriages?

We all have lifetimes of experiences, and we all have regrets. We all feel angst about past mistakes and roil in regret. Makes me think, as I thought of Zsa Zsa’s ashes flying buckled in a first class seat in an airplane, is all that regret worth it? Is there anything we can do to change the past? No Dolorion is pulling up to my door anytime soon, guess we should all just get busy living, another thing that Mrs. Gabor encouraged people to do.


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