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Reduce Ions

The electromagnetic spectrum is a convenient way to visualize all forms of energy transference that we know about. Effectively all energy is emitted from sources in the form of particles that follow an oscillating wave form. Human eyes can actually see some of these energy waveforms and we can distinguish the intensity. The more rapid the waveform, the more energy, the brighter the color, or the warmer it seems. We interpret this “temperature” difference in our minds as a color.

This energy transference from a source is called radiation. That word has a negative connotation, but most forms of radiation are harmless. The energy particles do nothing to other atoms they come in contact with. Radiowaves, microwaves and visible light are all slow, and weaker on the scale of energy output. We are bombarded every day by these types of radiation. Standing under a starlit sky and you are literally taking a bath in visible and non visible radiation.

Then there is the harmful kind. More energy output and tighter waveform, produces an ionization effect. This effectively means that the waveform, upon colliding with an atom can cause it to gain or lose electrons, which we call ionization. This is what makes you sick. UV, XRAYS, Gamma, and other types are all capable of ionization.

This a long explanation to say that you need to really be careful when exposing yourself to harmful radiation that gives and takes things in your life. I am not talking about energy anymore, I am using this as a metaphor regarding people in relationships. You are going to have some ions in your life, that isnunavoidable and sometimes very welcome. However, reduced exposure should be a goal, because too much and you will suffer and get sick.

We all avoid too many x-rays, catcans and mri because there is a risk of prolonged exposure. For the same reason we need to limit too much exposure to people that disrupt us and tear is down. However, these tests are necessary, just as human relationships are. So you will have exposure, and many times will welcome it. However, hopefully you will find a balance and have more to give over a longer period of time.

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