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Get One Done

So coming off of a sickness, I am reminded of an important mental trick that helps in times of being a bit overwhelmed. Realizing how much fell through the cracks in my few days of absence, I started feeling like the mountain of things would never be climbed. That is when I remembered this important trick. When feeling overwhelmed in moments like this, do not worry about “all the things you have to do.” Rather just do the one thing you see right now, then do the next one. Just have the ‘get one done’ mentality and by the time you get through 2 – 3 items there will not longer this really long giant list of things to do. It will now seem much shorter. That is just the way this works.

Our primal mind will always try to overwhelm us with so much to do that we might as well just throw in the towel and give up. However, if you really just do one or two of the outstanding tasks, you will realize that it is not nearly as bad as your mind had you believe. In fact, in rather quick order, you can prove the opposite. Just get one thing done now, and another little thing done after that and viola no more overwhelmed feelings.

So when hope seems to fade, and life is piled up all around you, just get one done.


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