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So I had this opportunity to hang out and talk with some people that we making their living by doing a basic trade. In this particular case, a blacksmith. I was thinking, when it comes to professions a blacksmith is probably one of the oldest. The person I was chatting with was a mere apprentice, in his 12th year of work. 12 years??? I mean you can become a board certified internal medical doctor for less than that! Then again, if you think about it this way, the art of metallurgy is so core and fundamental to our progression as a species it is a pretty darned important art form for us to pass down through years of an apprenticeship program. I imagine that a weaver would be the same way. Someone that knows how to weave a blanket out of raw cotton. That is pretty important as well. I mean we have machines that do this today, but talk about a critical art form.

That got me thinking about sustainability. What core things do we need to know or have a foundation in to sustain humanity. Not sure if my mad social media skills qualify for such a distinction, heck my 30+ years of computer experience really does not either.


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