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Skull and Bones

Mile 16 of my long run this morning. Running around a lake, beautiful skies, wonderful scenery. Except I am feeling miserable. Life handed me some setback and so I am trying to get back into the training regime. The 50 mile race I have planned at the end of the month is looming. This is on my mind as I round this corner and start running along a large hillside. I am starting to second guess myself. Am I pushing too hard? Perhaps I should just push off this race. Leg pain, stumble slightly. This sucks. My garmin watch has this feature where it tells you how your training is doing, mine says “overextending.”

My thoughts are heavy. My shoulders are slumped. Should I attempt this race, or push it off until I can get back going for a longer period of time. These thoughts are rattling in my head when I catch movement on the horizon. I look up to the top of the crest and right above the lip of the mountain a large black object is starting to become visible. I realize a few heart beats later that this is a hot air balloon. It is rising now, turning, I am starting to make out that it has something in white decorating the side.

I am starting to turn the corner, just as the balloon comes into full view. There it is in black and white. The skull and bones.

So there is my answer. I am going forward with my races as planned.

Guy Reams

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