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The fight…the REAL fight

The funny thing is that you think you are fighting. You say, “I am fighting the good fight.” You put your head down and work hard, push, do your best, get all stressed out, get all grumpy all the time but the problem is that you could be just in a fight that is perfectly aligned to what someone else wants.

So stop right now. What do you spend the most time on? Who is that benefiting?

Really be honest with the answer. I had to watch myself because I was telling myself the answer that I wanted to believe I was spending most my time on. I spend most my time with my family! NOT! The honest answer may not be comfortable.

Who is benefiting from you time? That is the fight. You are putting up a fight on someone elses’ behalf. Now, I am not saying that is a bad thing. It could be a very good thing, but ask yourself the question – who is benefiting from my energy, time, and focus? How much are they gaining from that benefit? This is the consideration that you must make. If you are compensated enough to make that time worth it, so that you can go fight for the things then you believe in then all is well.

However, here is the gut punch. If you are spending all your fight on something that you are not receiving enough compensation for then you are NOT fighting the real fight.

Many philosophers will claim that whatever you decide to work on, should actually be your real fight. Challenge is that we often cannot make money on our real fight. is your real fight, raising your children? supporting a cause? Whatever it is, the real fight awaits. If you have work you do for someone else so they can achieve their fight, that is fine AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ENOUGH to fight your own fight.

if you are only fighting another persons battles, why?


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