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Was it Worth It?

A great question to ask yourself on a regular basis, but a horrible question to ask when tragedy strikes. I recommend asking this question during a non-event more often so that when / if there is ever a big event in your life, you will know that what you were working on was worth it. Today, I got home from a long drive. I had an errand to run and it took me a while to get there and back. I was managing phone calls and doing various business related follow ups when WHAM. I get a call from my wife and there is an emergency with my daughter. Everything gets thrown out the window and now I am in full daddy mode.

Luckily, the issue although serious for her, was not life threatening. Sigh of relief, trip to the ER, a ice cream sundae and all is well. However, left me to think. What if something worse happens? Was the errand I was running, the business call I was on, worth it? Absolutely not. Not sure if anything I can think of would be worth the price of any of my family members. Which makes me really think long and hard about my priorities. Where are they? Where are they, really?


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1 year ago

Exactly. Work will always be there demanding our immediate attention, but the most important thing is time
With our family. It’s so precious… blah. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by…
I think that’s why the church always tries to instill FHE…
Make family a priority at least once a week! Good reminder.
Glad B is okay!!
Love you

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