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Growth Requires Ingredients

You just cannot escape the fact that growth requires ingredients. I have a tree that I planted in my backyard that is not growing. It requires nutrients, sunlight, and water. If those things are present then you have growth, if not, then no growth. Assuming of course that you have plenty of soil for it to spread roots. In a weird sense of irony, it seems that all things in life require three essential elements to grow. Starve anyone of them and the result is, no growth. For example, a lesson that I learned the hard way. A company requires capital to grow. Just like a plant requires water, if a company does not have capital then it just will not grow. There is no way around that fact. You can try as you will to be as efficient as you want, and to be as effective as you want, but if you have no incoming capital – forget it.

Personal growth works in a similar manner. You need some core elements to grow personally. You need to be safe, be challenged, and be incentivized. With correct incentives, with sufficient pressure and with your basic needs met (safe), you will inevitably grow. Take one of those away and you flatline. Usually, my basic needs have always been met, so mine has always been centered on the other two. Am I incentivized to grow? I am I being challenged enough?

You might want to think about that as a leader as well. Are you providing the elements necessary for growth?

Guy Reams

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