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Purchasing Fast

Here is a challenge for you. Try to buy nothing for 7 days in a row. You might find this impossible, but you will definitely find it revealing. For the last few days I have been watching carefully what I buy and you would be amazed at how much we have become a “subscription culture.” It is incredible how much we spend and sometimes are not even aware of it. So I spent a few days reviewing each and everyday carefully. I was blown away.

So I am thinking of a purchasing fast. Basically the family goes on a buy nothing fast for 7 days. Wonder if it is even possible?

No movies, no netflix, block all subscriptions from automatically going through, no impulse amazon buys, no fast food, no frivolous travels, no starbucks, just good old fashioned hang out at home without buying anything.

How hard can it be?

Guy Reams

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