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Simplicity is Genius

People mistakenly look at the simple and think it is easy or unsophisticated. We arrogant fools that run around with busy and hectic lives look at people that have simple situations with disdain and mockery. However, here is the kicker. The real, oh wow moment.

People, like me, spend their entire lives running, gunning, hustling to try to get to a certain point in life where we can finally relax, take it easy and just enjoy life. The irony is that we push, push, and push more to get to the point where we can live without worry only to find out later in life that we could have lived that way the entire time.

Here is the interesting consideration. Figuring out how to simplify is not the beginning, but actually the result of wisdom gained through life experience and understanding. The most complicated of solutions are almost always the simplest of answers that seem so obvious once discovered. That is true genius. True maturity is to understand enough of what you want to achieve in life that you are willing to focus enough on the simple ways of getting there.

The simple life is really a mature life. A genius way of living. Ask this question, which is more difficult making gobs and gobs of money so that you can finally spend the last few years of your old age not working? Or perhaps, figuring out how to life you life so that you are always achieving your desired outcome? The later is the hardest path, the road least traveled, and the one that has the greatest long term benefit.

Guy Reams

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