The 365 Commitment

Being Patient

Never something I have been able to be good at. I am always impatient, always pushing, always pressing hard. That has served me well in certain endeavors, but has caused me to be a ball of wired up anxiety and stress.

Thus is the trade off. Some activities just require a commitment of effort over a duration of time. Trying to avoid the work or decreasing the time required will just produce more stress. So stop. Be patient and just accept that you have to do the work. Once you accept that and get started, it will not be that hard after all.

I have a boat in the SD harbor that I will stay on overnight occasionally. There is a bit of a process, 15 min max, to pull some items out of cabinets and make the bed up. It really annoys me, and I hate doing it. Seems really silly, when you consider the relaxing environment I get to sleep in. That is until one day, I just decided to accept that I have to set the bed up when I visit. Now that I have accepted that, I look forward to it. The activity marks the beginning of my “boat visit.


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