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Positive is Contagious

Being positive is contagious. Amazing how fast it spreads, even faster than Covid-19. Being positive has many benefits. You have more energy, you make better decisions, and you are less stressed as a result. Staying positive is really hard. Not sure there is any given recipe for success. However, there are some things that you can do that really hurt your chances at keeping a positive attitude. Good idea to just avoid them all together. So instead of trying to stay positive, it might be easier to just avoid things that immediately kill your positive vibrations.

I have noticed that complaining is a buzz kill. It may feel good to do at the moment, but it ultimately destroys any chance you had at staying positive. Try to reframe your mentality from ‘this is wrong’ to ‘wow, this would be amazing if.’ That type of things actually helps, language and the words that you use directly impact your demeanor. Stay positive, use positive words, seek to affirm rather than to criticize and when you need to be critical try to do so in a forward looking way.

There are other things that I have found helpful. Sometimes when I am down on everything, I turn to try to help people. Assisting another in their time of need and putting your petty issues aside really does help you feel better about things and really shines a bright light on your souring mood. Some people have visual reminders to be happy all around them. That does not work for me, but having a organized and tidy environment really helps. I have found that what I read and listen to does have a pretty direct impact on me. So politics and crap music are probably not good choices!

Other things to consider are what you eat, how much you sleep and exercise. All things seem to come down to those three. The holy trinity of healthy living. One other that is probably the biggest. Surround yourself with positive people – that is hard to do, but definitely worth while!




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